Arben Çokaj

Arben Çokaj
Goldbergweg 62
D-60599 Frankfurt am Main
Cell-AL: +355 69 2688 902
Cell-DE: +49 1522 598 598 0
– Teacher in Physics & Informatics
– Freelance Journalist & Political Analyst
– Author of Books
The whole website is in Albanian language, but I give an explanation here and there are also some parts of my work translated in other languages, too.
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Born in Grudë-Fushë, Gruemirë, Shkodër on 29.01.1970. Graduated at the University of Tirana, Natural Sciences, branch of Physics in 1993. I have taken part in social and political activities and as a journalist, too. Usually I write poetry and prose and articles, too. In my free time, I translate different computer programs and applications, and also news-articles.

I am specialized in making web-design of different home pages… I’ve worked a few years as computer teacher ( mainly in Web Design ) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2001, I am living in Germany. But since 2004, I moved back to Albania, where I am living the most of the time here.Lately, I have written a book in Albanian Dizajni Grafik, in cooperation with university teacher Dr. Rrapo Zguri. I have also written and published another one book ECDL 2013.

My house in Albania for Christmass time…

I am the owner and webmaster of the following websites:

– The most comprehensive website of Shkodra in the Internet.

– supplement with dayly articles from…

– BMC Computer – programs and books in Albanian about the computer, ISP, etc.

– webmaster of the webpage about the talented poet & my friend Gjekë Marinaj.
( This website is property of Gjekë Marinaj )

… and other websites, too…

I present here a part of my work in this official website…

Please, read some Short Stories and Poetry in English, written & translated by me. 🙂

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